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Niskayuna Women's Tennis Association

2016 Outdoor Doubles League

April 18 - June 17

The Niskayuna Women’s Tennis Association (NWTA) provides a friendly way to share a game we love!  Membership is open to women who reside in Niskayuna or the Niskayuna School District.  We play doubles tennis at Blatnick Park (and Avon Crest if needed) for seven weeks.  The $25 fee covers league play, clinics and doubles mixers.

Tennis Team Play Sessions:  Available morning sessions are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 9 - 10:30 and 10:30 - 12:00.  Afternoon sessions are Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30 – 6:00.  Evening sessions are Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 - 7:30.  Each week we play doubles with rotating partners and opponents within the group.  If you are unable to commit to a weekly schedule, you can register to play as a substitute only. 

Tennis levels:  Before you register, please read the descriptions of the tennis levels below and carefully choose your playing level (Beginner – A Level).  For beginners, we are changing the playing format to include a round robin play with volunteer mentors to assist with game flow and learning.  Players who want to mentor beginner groups can indicate interest during registration.   If you have questions about your playing level, feel free to contact one of the officers.

Registration Deadlines and Fees:  Regular Registration deadline is Friday, March 25.  Register early to ensure a team placement and the regular fee of $25. 

After March 27, you will be charged the late fee of $35.  Late registrants MAY be assigned as “subs only” if space on doubles teams in not available.  After April 4, you WILL be assigned as SUBS ONLY.  Thank you for your understanding.

You can pay online with a credit card or send a check for $25 ($35 after March 27) to:  NWTA, 7 Owasco Ct., Niskayuna, NY 12309.

Emergency Alert System:  You can opt in to receive text messages in case of club wide cancellations (i.e. clinics, mixers, etc.).  In your Sports Illustrated Play account, look for instructions to receive text messages.

Kickoff Gathering on Tuesday, March 15, 7:30 – 9 pm:  Please join us for a fun evening to kick off our season at the Mohawk Golf Club.  Enjoy dessert and mingle with tennis friends, new and old.  A cash bar will also be available. We’ll bring computers to offer onsite registration assistance.  RSVP by Thursday, March 10 to Kristen Rackliffe at

Clinics:  Members are invited to attend clinics taught by local tennis coaches, Jim Neal (mornings) and Terry Casillo (evenings).  Jim’s morning clinics are from 10 – 11 am at Blatnick Park on Mondays and Thursdays, 4/18 (Beginners), 4/21, 5/2, 5/5, and 5/9.  Terry’s evening clinics are from 6 - 7 pm at the Mohawk Club on Wednesdays 4/20 (Beginners), 5,4, 5/11, 5/18.

Morning Doubles Mixer on Monday, May 16th from 11:30 – 2 pm:  Our annual doubles mixer is a great way to play doubles with different partners, visit friends, and enjoy yummy food!  Please note the rain date is Thursday, May 19th.  More details to follow. 

Evening Doubles Mixer on Wednesday, May 25th from 6 – 8 pm:  We look forward to our first evening mixer.  Rain date is Wednesday, June 1.

Annual NWTA Morning Doubles Social & Banquet Dinner, week of June 13th TBD:  We conclude our season with a tennis mixer at Blatnick Park from 9:30 – 11 am.  We will have an evening dinner, details to be announced.  Join us for tennis and/or the banquet!   More details to follow.


LEVELS OF PLAY:  Indicate your level on the registration form using these guidelines.  If you have questions about your playing level, please contact one of the officers.

Beginner :  You are learning the strokes, scoring, serves, and court etiquette.  Play format includes round robin play with volunteer mentors to assist with game flow and learning.

C Player:  You know the scoring and are working to improve basic strokes and a dependable serve.

C+ Player:  You can keep the ball in play and sustain rallies and continue to work on more dependable court coverage, strokes, and serves.

B Player:  Your forehand and backhand are more consistent.  You can direct shots, cover the court well.  You don’t usually force errors on your serve.

B+ Player:  You have dependable strokes and 1st and 2nd serves.  You can use a variety of shots:  lobs, overheads, approach shots, and volleys.

A Player:  You have good shot anticipation, can sustain long rallies, can execute lobs, ½ volleys, and overhead smashes with above average success.  You can approach the net and can force an error or make a winning shot.  You have a strong 1st serve and consistent 2nd serve.


2016 NWTA Officers

Kristen Rackliffe - President

Ginny Rust – Vice President

Nanette Hay Treasurer

Tina Lee - Registrar

Kim Sears – Co-registrar

Registration questions:  Email Tina Lee or Kim Sears.